Our music store was originally founded by Master Repair Technician and Musical Instrument Craftsman Mike Corrigan. Having originally starting his career in repair, attending the foremost accredited programs for band instrument repair (Minnesota State College Southeast Technical, Red Wing, MN), Corrigan took a position apprenticing with world-renowned custom brass instrument maker and innovator Steve Shires. Their combined expertise is what makes B.A.C. Horn Doctor unlike any of the other music stores you've been to.

Small Beginnings

After having acquired a wide range of skills, Mike relocated to Overland Park, Kansas, where the music store originated out of a small utility closet in his home. From here, everything else is history. Having earned a reputation for excellence, our music store has grown and continued to deliver the same signature service from the utility-closet days. Unlike other music stores, when you visit B.A.C. Horn Doctor, you will receive quality service and care.

Prividing the best for the best

Since our music store's founding, B.A.C. Horn Doctor has had the pleasure to serve some of the finest and most accomplished musicians and ensembles around the world. The driving force for our success is our passion to provide the very best in everything we do. We don't people who walk through our doors just as customers, like other music stores might -- we view them as musicians, and we aim to provide the best service so they can improve their craft.

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With years in the music industry, opening a music store seemed like a natural transition. We did not want to open just any music store, though -- we wanted to open the absolute best facility that other music stores can only hope to emulate. When you want unrivaled excellence from a local music store, look no further than our Olathe, KS, establishment.

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